What does a successful corporate accelerator look like?

What failures do many corporate accelerators experience? What keys to success are needed to ensure an accelerator thrives?

Entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world are experiencing a rise in demand for accelerators that provide resources to promising startups, and corporations are embracing this new model for sparking innovation. However, they don't always have the greatest success. 

Download the brief to learn what causes corporate accelerators to fail and to see what a successful corporate accelerator looks like. This brief is broken down into two parts:

Part I: Key failures for many programs: accidental resource drains, pitfalls from average startup applicants, and disruptions to organic company workflows. 

Part II: Key steps to a successful corporate accelerator: learn from others' mistakes, know your organization's strengths and weaknesses, and bring on potential partners to bridge gaps.

Download the brief to see more!

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