Companies need more than a cookie cutter approach

What the heck does “corporate innovation” mean anyway? Is it a new product or business unit for a large company? Is it a new disruptive technology that an early stage startup is building? Is it about culture or talent?  Is it all or none of the above? Maybe some of the above?

The fact is that innovation is a nebulous concept, which means that it’s a difficult goal to work towards. What are you building anyway? And how do you know how to best staff against what you’re building if you’re not quite sure what your goals are?

These questions are the exact reason why companies need more than a cookie cutter approach to building their corporate innovation teams and business units—which is why it’s easy for initiatives to get stuck as one-off projects that deliver minimal ROI.  To maximize success and ROI, innovation teams command a level of flexibility and fluidity.

How can corporate Innovation leaders build a high-performing innovation team?

Start by examining patterns. We asked Michele McConomy, senior vice president and general manager to share the framework that she’s learned from working with more than +100 high-performing (and not-so-high performing) corporate innovation teams in 20 countries in her +10 years of experience.

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