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Join the Mobility Tech Innovation Collaborative

With BP and the Leading Global Corporations in Transportation

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Our Mission Statement

RocketSpace and BP’s Mobility Tech Innovation Collaborative is the premiere collaborator innovation program intended to shape the future movement of people, goods, and services that instantly deliver frictionless, automated, and personalized travel for individuals and businesses.

We believe in empowering productivity, ease, and efficiency in people’s lives so we can move everyone forward in today’s rapidly evolving world.   

We do it through focused and intelligent application of emerging technology facilitated through deep test, learn, and explore partnerships between global corporate industry leaders and the most promising startup talent.  

Our corporate partners are committed to exploring your technology with the focus on creating long-term partnerships.

The Mobility Tech Innovation Collaborative will focus on the future of Electric and Autonomous / Connected Vehicles, exploring the following challenge areas:

How can we increase connected vehicle integration?
Focus on personalization, reducing friction, and improving digital safety.

How can we improve the current consumer experience of automated and electric vehicles?
Focus on within car, car to destination, and car to connected ecosystem.
How can we increase electric vehicle life efficiency?
Focus on battery and/or motor improvements.

How can we increase electric vehicle consumer adoption through improving the charging experience?
Focus on improving electricity supply, charging network infrastructure, and charging experience, electrification competence


How can we increase the safety of autonomous vehicles?
Focus on security, performance (sensor stack) and reliability.

What are new products or services that will drive the future of mobile transportation?
Focus on new business models, products, services and revenue streams.

Technology Focus Areas:

Vehicle Health Monitoring + Maintenance
Vehicle Charging Solutions
Battery Maintenance + Optimisation
Payment Systems + Solutions
Human Machine Interface
Vehicle Security Solutions
Digital Fingerprint 
Vehicle Data Gathering + Analytics
Sensor Fusion
Occupant Biometrics
Self-Learning Systems
Vehicle / Ecosystem Integration
Mapping + Route Optimisation
Personalized Consumer Offerings


Thermal Management of Batteries
Battery Disposal / Recycling
Battery Swap
Motor Technology
Electricity Demand + Network Management
Innovative Commercial Business Solutions
MaaS Providers

Startup Prerequisites

  • Seed to Series B
  • Must have a product ready for testing / scale
  • Strategically aligned to solve one or more of the above challenge statements

Startup Benefits

  • Real World Market Test Opportunities: Test in a safe corporate environment with one or more leading global transportation brands
  • Product Validation & Iteration: Validate, iterate, and optimize your product through invaluable feedback and resources from prospective clients
  • Go Global: Learn what it takes to sell and scale your product worldwide with the credibility of commercial agreements from global industry leaders

Program Requirements

  • Cost: None
  • Equity Requirements: None
  • Time Requirements: 3 - 6 Hours per Week

Join the Mobility Tech
Innovation Collaborative

Only 3 Steps to Join:

  1. Request an Application
  2. Up to 21 Startups Selected
  3. Explore partnerships with leading global corporations

Apply Now for Cohort 4


Cohort 3 startups are in the midst of proof of concepts with our corporate partners, but we are taking in application requests now until 2nd November 2018 for Cohort 4.

Our startup participants will have the opportunity to work alongside the top global brands in the mobility tech and smart transportation industry.