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Pilot Your Mobility + Smart Transport Technology Startup

With Influential Corporations

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97% of Startups that join the program successfully complete a pilot with enterprises like:

Startup Prerequisites

  • Must have seed funding
  • Product in the market or ready to launch
  • Connection to mobility + smart transportation industry
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Startup Benefits

  • Validate your product through pilot testing with collaborators
  • Gain brand and product exposure through program 
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Program Requirements

  • Cost: None
  • Equity Requirements: None
  • Time Requirements: 3 - 6 Hours per Week
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Cohort 2 startups are in the midst of proof of concepts with our corporate partners, but we are taking in application requests for Cohort 3.

Our startup participants will have the opportunity to work alongside the top global brands in the mobility tech and smart transportation industry.


The Mobility Tech Pilot Program is by


Only 3 Steps to Join the Mobility Tech Pilot Program

  1. Request an Application
  2. Up to 21 Startups Selected
  3. Develop Pilot with Corporate Innovation Team

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