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We help people bring the future to market.

Startup Coworking + Growth Services For Tech Startups
Connect with Top Startups For Corporations

150+ startups on campus

$20B+ in funds raised by members + alumni

$19M avg funds raised per startup

Coworking + Services for Tech Startups

Our campus is a tech startup’s paradise. We don't just provide office space. We've designed the perfect ecosystem that fosters networking, community, and innovation specifically designed to help tech startups to thrive. How can we help you grow your startup?


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Corporate Innovation Services

Our mission is to bridge the innovation gap for corporates and startups by creating an ecosystem where they can work together to bring successful new innovations to market. Through our Corporate Innovation Services, we help take our corporate clients from market insights all the way through to formalized startup partnerships with a scalable business model.

Where to start? Check out about our Industry Accelerator Program and Corporate Membership Program.                                                                 

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